The Ultimate Breast Lift Method.

  • No vertical scars
  • No need for breast implants
  • Relief of back, neck, & shoulder pain


The look of an implant with your own tissues

The Bellesoma Method is a surgical procedure based on engineering and mathematical principles to lift or reduce the breast. It is unlike traditional methods that primarily use skin tightening to create lift. This technique reshapes and re-positions the breast higher on the chest wall resulting in a youthful and full appearance without many of the disadvantages found with the traditional techniques.

The Bellesoma Method does not produce visible vertical scars which many women find unsightly and unacceptable. Scars are hidden around the areola and in the crease of the breast.
The Bellesoma Method uses your own breast tissue to reshape and re-position your breast, creating fullness in the upper portion without the need for implants. This also creates a more youthful appearance.
The Bellesoma Method transfers the weight of the breast from the skin to the chest muscle. Thus, if you’re breasts are causing neck, back, or shoulder pain most women see their pain subside after surgery. Additionally, the chest muscle acts as the support for the breast, providing longer term stability for the lift.

How the Bellesoma Method works

Typical female patient who suffers from ptosis (sagging breasts). Note the conical shape with nipples and areolas pointing downward.
New breast mounds are created using your own breast tissue and positioned higher up for a perkier shape.
The new breast mounds are then secured to the chest muscle, transferring the weight away from the skin envelope, and ensuring a long lasting result.

The final sutures are put in place around the areola and within the shadow of the breast leaving no ugly vertical scars.

The surgery is successfully completed and results are immediately visible. In time, post-surgical swelling will resolve and incision lines will fade as you fully enjoy the desired outcome.

What our patients say

  • “I love my new breasts!”
    — Fiona Hartwell
  • "It's great having my perky breasts again."
    — Gale Stilwell
  • “Having kids was a wonderful experience, but it wreaked havoc on my breasts. The Bellesoma Method gave me perkier breasts and they're bigger, too - all without implants!"
    — Genna Hartwell

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